The clubhouse is a large open well-appointed space ideal for homeowner meetings, dinners, and parties, as well as private gatherings.

  • Kitchen - This kitchen is designed for use by catering services, group activities, and individual use.

  • Village Office - Is operated by the Village Manager and provides a point of contact for information and coordination with services provided by Azalea Glen and the wider Hickory Metro community..

  • Library - Available for homeowner use with books, audio books, and DVD's.

The regional cable TV provider has designated a channel accessible by all townhomes at Azalea Glen for announcements and notifications. This serves as a fast and easy way to communicate throughout the village.

The Heritage Greenway Trail borders the west side of the Azalea Glen property.  This community walking trail provides miles of safe walking exercise space through some of the areas most scenic streams and woodlands.  Best of all, this gem is right at your back door.  The Heritage Greenway trail connects to the Carolina Thread Trail that will eventually make walking possible in a multi county area.

Greenway Trail
TV Bulletin Board

Each building at Azalea Glen is constructed of low maintenance exterior materials. Maintenance of building exteriors is inevitable, but is no longer the worry of the individual homeowner. Azalea Glen staff are responsible for repairs and routine maintenance of all exteriors. Included is exterior painting, roof repairs, siding repairs, mowing of lawns, weed control, trimming of shrubbery, and maintenance of mulched areas. Homeowners are encouraged  to participate in the beautification of their own yard and common garden areas when and if they choose to do so.


Azalea Glen Homeowners have unlimited access to neighboring Abernethy Laurels CORE Fitness facility.  This state of the art facility provides a heated indoor pool, a spa, and a professionally managed fitness center. 

Indoor Pool and Fitness

The Homeowner's Association at Azalea Glen provides an essential role in the life of the village. The Homeowner's Association will be the ultimate decision-making group determining what services should be provided and what rates will be charged. Abingdon Housing Services, Inc. provides the management services and handles the administration of the Homeowner's Association. The Homeowner's Association ultimately determines how and by whom management will be provided.

Homeowner's Association

One of the features that provides a great deal of reassurance to residents of Azalea Glen is the presence of an on-site staff person during normal business hours. Staff persons provide many services including coordinating activities and services with the wider community, and providing a source of communication and information.


Azalea Glen is in the city of Newton and is provided curb side garbage pick-up weekly and participates in the most advanced recycling program in the state of North Carolina

Garbage Pick-up

Walking is typically the most common form of exercise and recreation for adults and Azalea Glen is designed to encourage this activity. Sidewalks are installed along each street.   The village sidewalk system is tied in to the city sidewalks which makes access possible by foot to much of Newton.  Additional walks are a part of the village green space making beautiful Hildebran Creek more accessible for the enjoyment of everyone.

Sidewalk System

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