Club House 

The former Glen Cline home was once known by many locals as Azalea Hill. This beautiful home has been restored and enhanced to serve as the clubhouse and village office.
Gathering Room
In the Clubhouse we invite all of our Homeowners to use its facilities. We often have interactive events that get the neighborhood together for activities such as, line dancing class, poker nights, and neighborhood breakfasts and dinners
TV Bulletin Board
Azalea Glen keeps homeowners up on what is going on around the Hickory Metro area by having a in-home daily announcement itinerary.
Library/ Private Dining
In the Library homeowners are welcome to check out any of the library books, audio books, and movies provided by the Homeowners Association. This space also works great for smaller gatherings.
Dinning Area
The clubhouse provides a large dinning area that homeowners are welcomed to use for private functions. The space is large enough to accommodate up to 75 people seated at tables.
The kitchen is perfect for preparation for large parties and for intimate gatherings. Caterers love the easy access, space and layout.
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